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Les ETOILES de Doisy-Daëne

Vintage 2016

Appellation : Barsac A.O.C

Château Cantegril
33720 BARSAC
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The soil is composed of clayey sand layers on limestone bedrock very typical of the Barsac plateau. The rock, slightly deeper than the one of Doisy-Daëne, limits the development of the root system to about 80cm. The mildly cracked calcareous layer limits the rooting depth of the vine to about 20 inches. During the summer, the water which accumulated within the slightly porous rock throughout the winter is progressively released to the vine, thus preventing excessive water stress. This soil is particularly well-suited to the making of elegant and distinguished white wines.


91 % Sémillon - 9 % Sauvignon Blanc

Wine making and ageing

"Les Etoiles de Doisy-Daëne" sweet wine is harvested vinified and aged with the same care than the one of Château Doisy-Daëne. The harvest is performed by experienced grape pickers in three to six successive selective pickings in order to collect at the ideal ripening stage, the grapes concentrated by the "noble rot". During three quarters of a century, oenological progress and sensible traditions have combined to create the characteristics  grapes. With this know-how an astonishingly simplified process has been elaborated. Extracted through slow pressings, the rich and pure must ferments in oak barrels renewed every by fourth every years. Ageing then starts with 9 months in oak barrels, in the coolness of the cellars and is regulated by the weekly toping of the barrels and regular rackings. This is followed by 9 months in stainless steal tank before bottling.


"Les Etoiles de Doisy-Daëne" wine, although less rich than the ones of Doisy-Daëne, possess nevertheless all the characteristics of a great Barsac; Pierre and Denis Dubourdieu's very pure wine-making style is strongly present.