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Drapeaux de Floridène blanc

Vintage 2019

Appellation : Graves Blanc A.O.C

Clos Floridene
Denis & Florence DUBOURDIEU EARL
Château REYNON
33410 BEGUEY
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Phone : 05 56 62 96 51
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Situation & History

"Drapeaux de Floridène" is located in Pujols sur Ciron in the Graves region. It was planted in the 70's by Pierre Dubourdieu and Pierre Costes, a renowned wine merchant in Langon and the Distributor of the Dubourdieu family wines till the early 90's.
In 1991 Pierre Costes sold his shares to Denis Dubourdieu. That same year the latter incorporated the white vineyard and a portion of the Red to the nearby Clos Floridène. In 2002, the remaining portion of the Red vineyard which was until then cultivated by Pierre Dubourdieu is re-united to the vineyard of Clos Floridène. "Drapeaux de Floridène"  is now Clos Floridene second label.


From a geological standpoint, the soil of Pujols sur Ciron where most of the vineyard is situated, is much like the one of Barsac. A thin layer of red clayey sands, rich in iron oxide, and known as "Barsac red sands", tops the limestone bed rock. This limits the roots depth of the vine to about 50cm. The water that got stored within the slightly porous rock throughout the summer is progressively dispensed to the vine during the winter, thus preventing excessive water stress


76.5 % Semillon - 17.5 % Sauvignon Blanc - 6 % Muscadelle

Wine making and ageing

Hand-harvesting is performed in general in one time and if it's required in 2 selective pickings of golden grapes with an aromatic optimum stage. After an eventual phase of skin contact, a slow juice extraction is performed, protected from the oxidation process. Free run must is strictly separated from press must and their clarification undergoes by natural settling. Fermentation takes place in barrels renewed by quarter. Ageing lasts 8 months with lees regularly stirred.


Deep golden robe with green nuances. Intense and complex smell. Fruity flavor of Sauvignon, smoky characteristic of Sémillon. Touches of citrus fruit, cocoa, toasted bread. Intense mineral characteristic. Powerful on the palate, tasty and ropy with lots of body. A lasting and caressing end. A well-rounded, enticing and smooth wine. Can be consumed young but is well capable of developing more complex aromas after bottle-ageing for a few years.