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Château Doisy-Daëne Grand Vin Sec

Vintage 2012

Appellation : Bordeaux Blanc A.O.C.

Château Doisy-Daëne
33720 BARSAC
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Situation & History

Château Doisy-Daëne, Second Cru Classé in 1855, located in Barsac in the Sauternes appellation, has been in the Dubourdieu family since 1924. For over eighty years three generations of vine growers have exercised talents to produce great sweet white wines : Georges (1924-1948), Pierre (1949-1999) and Denis since 2000.


The composition of the soil of the Barsac plateau is from a geological standpoint and for the Bordeaux region unusual A thin layer of clayey sands, known as "Barsac red sands", tops the chalky subsoil. This lightly cracked calcareous rock layer limits the rooting depth of the vine to about twenty inches. The water that got stored within the slightly porous rock throughout the summer, is progressively dispensed to the vine during the winter, preventing thus a water overload. This soil is particularly well-suited to the making of elegant and distinguished white wines.


100 % Sauvignon

Wine making and ageing

Once grapes have ripened, a few bunches are collected on each vine from all the Sauvignon plots. After an eventual phase of skin contact, a slow juice extraction is performed, protected from the oxidation process. Free run must is strictly separated from press must and their clarification undergoes by natural settling. Fermentation takes place in barrels renewed by fifth. Ageing lasts 8 months with lees regularly stirred.


The Grand Vin Sec de Doisy-Daëne is one of the best Vins Blancs Secs of Bordeaux. Considered like Doisy-Daëne Barsac's young brother, it expresses in a different style all the distinction and finesse of this exceptional terroir. It possesses an unusual aromatic power, with grapefruit and white peach aromas and unleashes on the palate flavors of pear and spice. Delicious when young it also has great ageing potential (5 to 10 years).