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Rosé de Floridène

Vintage 2010

Appellation : Bordeaux Rosé A.O.C.

Clos Floridene
Denis & Florence DUBOURDIEU EARL
Château REYNON
33410 BEGUEY
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Phone : 05 56 62 96 51
Fax. : 05 56 62 14 89

Situation & History

Clos Floridène vineyard, in Pujols sur Ciron, located in the Graves region, has been slowly developed since 1982 by Denis and Florence Dubourdieu, thanks to the successive purchases of plots located in the best terroirs. The name of the estate is derived from the two founders’ first names

How was it born ?

Clos Floridène has been know, since the late 80’s, by the fineness and the longevity of its white wines and it’s today known among the best in Bordeaux. Since 1996, as the Floridène red vineyard became older, the red wines produced started to interest many wine lovers. This Rosé is mainly blended with Cabernet Sauvignon from a limestone soil and grown in a cold area. To reach optimal maturity, a warm vintage and qualitative vine growing are required. The result is a really original wine, dense, sweet and incredibly fruity. In 2004, the vintage generosity allowed us to make some “saignées” directly during the red tank’s loading to reach a higher concentration. Using this technique, we obtained a very impressive Rosé with a pale color, blackberry and black currant aromas, counterbalanced by a nice freshness and softness. With this experience, we realized the high potential of Floridène in the Rosé production. The sales success met by the Floridène Rosé 2004 pushed us to produce some rosé in 2005 but in smaller quantities. The 2005 vintage gave us small volumes and very high concentrations which didn’t allow us to make a lot of “saignées”. In August 2006, the weather was colder, which is an important element to the aromatic expression of the wines. Thus, 2006 is a great year for rosés. The 2007 and 2008 vintages produced very fresh whites wines and for the same reasons, they were very favorable to Rosés.


From a geological standpoint, the soil of Pujols sur Ciron where most of the vineyard is situated is much like the one of Barsac. A thin layer of red clayey sands, rich in iron oxide, and known as "Barsac red sands", tops the limestone bed rock. This limits the roots depth of the vine to about 50cm. The water that got stored within the slightly porous rock throughout the summer is progressively dispensed to the vine during the winter, thus preventing excessive water stress. A small portion of the vineyard (3,1 hectares), on the commune of Illats, is planted on a graveled and clayey rump.


90 % Cabernet-Sauvignon - 10 % Merlot


The Rosé de Floridène has a pale pink color; its powerful aroma evokes black-currant, passion fruit, and wild strawberry. Tasty, refreshing, this wine is plainly irresistible.