Graves Rouge A.O.C.
Cérons A.O.C

Red vineyard

Recently replanted with 7,100 plants per hectare (1,4m x 1m), the 12.1 hectares red wine vineyard of Haura is planted with 53 % Cabernet and 47 % Merlot.

White vineyard

The 40 years old white vineyard, located in AOC Cérons, is 1.5 hectares wide. It is planted with 83 % Sémillon and 17 % Sauvignon Blanc.


Traditional ploughing is performed on the soil of our vineyard and no weed-killer is used.

Organic manures are made with vegetal-based composts.
Bud removal, trellising and leaf removal are carefully done by hand.

We are engaged in a process of abandonment of the use of chemical synthetic pesticides on all of our vineyards.

Thus "grown like in a garden", within an orderly and well preserved environment, our vines produce early concentrated tasty grapes which have the smoothness and brightness of fresh fruit aromas we wish to obtain in our wines.

In an effort to balance our carbon footprint, we manage as well a forest area equal in size to our vineyards.


Haura's red has all the characteristics of a classical left bank great Bordeaux in which the freshness of tannin and the smoky flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon on gravelly soils are combined with the silkiness of Merlot.

The Haura Cérons wine evokes all the smoothness and mildness of the great sweet wines of the Cérons region.